The Writing Journal #40

It’s going to be a rather short entry into The Writing Journal this week, as there are a lot of other things making life very hectic at the moment. As some of you will hopefully be aware by now, last week saw the launch of my brand new Bookcast, “Poor Uncle Dave”, with the debut episode “Poor Uncle Dave Goes to the Zoo”. Thank you ever so much to everyone who has taken time out of their days to listen in, and if you haven’t done so already, please check out the Poor Uncle Dave section of the website and give it a go.

The launch was, literally and figuratively, just the beginning, and it has been a real eye opener as to how many plates needed to be spun in order to get things going in the early stages. I hold my hands up and say it was more than I initially bargained for, meaning that I am running ever so slightly behind with it and other things I’m working on. As you read, I am recording and editing the last three stories that I haven’t had a chance to explore yet, having written this blog as a way to rest my voice! So, with a lot left to do, let’s cut the pre and get to the amble of this week’s target progress.

Target Number 1: Spend a minimum of 20 hours editing my novel.

Last week I spoke of déjà vu, and how I was looking in a similar desperate position with the novel target last month as well. That déjà vu has ended this week, and not in a pretty way. With only a couple of extra hours added and 11hrs 39mins on the clock, making up those extra eight hours is looking like a physical impossibility, especially with everything else going on. Miracles can happen, and if all goes well in the next couple of days there could be a big chunk of time in which to really focus, but there are some rather big ifs in there, and it may well end up being a bridge too far to get this month’s twenty hours in.

Target Number 2: Launch my audiobook/podcast.

Last Wednesday, “Poor Uncle Dave Goes to the Zoo” went live as the debut episode of my new Bookcast. I’m thrilled with the support it has received so far, and I’m also thrilled that it now means that this target is officially completed too! Of course, there is far more work to go into it, with steps outstanding and five more episodes to release, but I was able to start this journey in time for the summer holidays as first anticipated, which given where things were a month ago is an achievement I am very proud of indeed.

Exciting times potentially lie ahead, especially as the Bookcast begins to find its feet and Poor Uncle Dave finds his audience. As they say though, time waits for no man and there is still much to be done before I can finally put my feet up/move on to the next one…

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