Poor Uncle Dave Goes To The Zoo

I’m beyond excited to announce that the day has finally arrived for my Bookcast to be released into the world!

The series as a whole is called Poor Uncle Dave; a collection of short stories for children of all ages (including the grown-up ones), following the trials and errors of hapless Uncle Dave and his super savvy nieces, Emma and Sophie. Each story aims to be a mix of sweet-natured comedy and messages about compromise (a useful lesson for kids to learn in the current climate…), and whilst the name of our title role may sound familiar, it’s not entirely autobiographical, although a couple of similarities may emerge over the course of the episodes ahead – I’ll leave you all to guess which ones…

The debut episode is titled Poor Uncle Dave Goes To The Zoo, where Uncle Dave takes Emma and Sophie to the zoo and is forced to face up to one of his biggest fears. If you’re looking for a short, laid-back way to escape the heat this week, please head to this link, grab a cold drink/ice cream and give it a listen. For now, this is the only link to the episode, although if you are a frequent podcaster, I am working on getting it listed on all the major directories as we speak and getting a dedicated page set up on this website as well, so that you can listen via these channels as well in the coming days.

Thank you to everyone who reads The Writing Journal for all your invaluable support so far, and I look forward to seeing/hearing what you all think of this exciting new chapter in my ongoing writer’s journey… 😊

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