Script Reading Services

No person is an island, and I genuinely believe story-telling to be a collaborative process where the best work comes from collating a number of different perspectives and voices to ensure we are telling our stories in the best possible way.

For Writers

When you write alone on a project for such a long period of time, it becomes terrifyingly easy to overlook flaws in the storytelling that will be glaringly obvious to someone who has never seen the project before. By offering a fresh set of eyes on your project, my aim is to help you eliminate such elements from your script, before it reaches the hands of the decision-makers, in order to make the best first-impression with your story. In return for entrusting me with your script, you will receive a set of formal script notes highlighting the key areas of your story that I think are awesome, and those that I feel need more work and attention to elevate your script’s potential for being picked up.

For Producers/Directors/Actors

I also have experience from the other side of the development table, including recent work for a BAFTA-winning, independent production company. Whilst wearing this hat, I provide detailed coverage reports that include a brief synopsis of the script’s core story and detailed analysis of its creative and commercial strengths and weaknesses to help you find the best scripts to take forward on your development slate.

Current Rates

Television scripts (up to 60 pages in length) – £50

Theatre Scripts (any length) – £55

Feature Scripts (up to 180 pages in length) – £60

Feature Scripts (over 180 pages in length) – £80

I will happily read short film/webisode scripts free of charge and supply a more informal script report in return.

To enquire about any services listed above, please drop me an email at

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