The Writing Journal #38

What a weekend it’s been! Anyone who’s a fan of sport (and, I’d wager, quite a few who aren’t as well) would have been blown away by the quite phenomenal performances on display across a number of sports around the UK yesterday. Lewis Hamilton outright breaking the record for the most wins at Silverstone; Roger … Continue reading The Writing Journal #38

The Writing Journal #37

Sometimes, writing sucks! You can sit for hours on end, days at a time, weeks into months, staring at the screen or into your hands, roaring with frustration as nothing seems to work. You can’t think what to write, or if you have the luxury of having ideas, they don’t make sense, or if they … Continue reading The Writing Journal #37

The Writing Journal #36

There it is. The party train rolls into July, and with a snap of the fingers, half of humanity…sorry, half of 2019 is done and dusted. It’s been a funny six months, with a lot of excitement and promise mixed with a lot of stalls and stutters. I was propelled into January off the back … Continue reading The Writing Journal #36