The Writing Journal #24

It’s going to be a rather brief visit to the Writing Journal this week, which may disappoint some of my dear readers but will probably also be a relief to some more! Having started the week with the confidence that I would still be able to do some work towards this month’s targets, despite a trip to London, I start this new one knowing that I’ve done absolutely no work towards any of them.

At all.

Not a word.


That’s not to say the week was a total write-off, though. From a personal point of view, it was great to meet up with my London friends again (some of whom I haven’t seen in over a year) and recharge those particular social batteries; but from a professional perspective it was a success too. I was able to have a very productive and extensive meeting with my producer, which has not only generated some very clear plans for my own, already-established projects with him but has also landed me some new work that could potentially be very exciting if the projects continue in this vein. I was also provided with a lovely long train journey, which helped me break through an impasse with my novel. I’m not entirely sure why, but I often find train journeys are excellent for my focus and concentration, and are great for breaking deadlocks on projects that refuse to play ball otherwise. Perhaps it is the constant (?) forward momentum of a train that subconsciously keeps your brain moving forward too; perhaps it is just the novelty of being away from the desk and writing somewhere different. Either way, I’m a big fan of train writing and it was only a shame that I couldn’t partake on the return journey as well, partly thanks to a lack of sleep and an abundance of fellow travellers who weren’t there on my outward journey (Sunday is apparently a more popular time to travel than a Wednesday morning – who knew?).

With a week to go to the end of March, and two full stories and a moodboard to write/produce, it’s going to be a challenge to meet every goal this month. Add to that the raft of additional work I took on from my meetings in London, and it could turn out to be quite a manic few days indeed. Good job the blog is a quick one this week then; I think I’m going to need every spare second I can get…

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