The Writing Journal #23

The Birthday Bandwagon rolled through town this past week, bringing with it presents aplenty, delicious cake, and a brand-new buddy for my writing desk…

He’s such a BB(-8)…

It was great to be able to switch off from work and spend some quality time with my really rather wonderful friends and family. It can sometimes be quite difficult to remember there is a world away from work, whichever career you choose to pursue, but I always think its important to take that time to step away and recharge when you can. It helps with your own happiness (which is, ultimately, what life’s all about anyway) but also helps improve the quality of your work when you do step back into it afterwards. Sure, it may have meant that some of this month’s targets didn’t get the attention they may have done in other weeks, and I may have consumed my annual intake of sugar across three days, but it’s also not to say the week has been a total work write-off either…

Target Number 1: Write two more short stories.

More progress has been made this week than last, but you’ll know from the Writing Journal 22 that the bar was set incredibly low last week having not given them any thought at all. Thankfully, this week I made the time to revisit my ideas sheet, and settled on the two stories I want to write this month. I even managed to outline one of them which should (hopefully) go a long way to helping me fly through that particular story when I sit down to write it this week.

Target Number 2: Find 5 industry sources to pitch my sitcom project to.

I often find that a lot of my work gets done in sudden, spontaneous outbursts, which is a habit that can be incredibly frustrating at times but also incredibly thrilling. It usually happens when I’m working on a script, usually after days/weeks/months of pulling my hair out with aforementioned frustration and the fear of an impending deadline, but this week it occurred during this research project which was a very welcome and timely surprise. The surge of momentum which inexplicably arrived on Friday morning, despite me actually sitting down to edit my novel, has carried me to the finish line for this goal after two months of previous false starts and dropped batons. It was an exciting way to end the working week, not least because it frees up more of my time to concentrate on the other targets that are further behind on their schedules.

Target Number 3: Complete a visual mood board for my feature script.

This target suffered the worst from the birthday celebrations and unfortunately made no further progress towards completion. I did open the document on my computer with the intent of working on it some more, but with other distractions coming in (aside from the cake) I found it difficult to give it enough thought as to how to progress it. So far, I’ve been tackling it linearly from start towards finish, but perhaps a case could now be made for working on it in chunks and joining the dots afterwards. It’s something I will hopefully have more time to ponder on, particularly now that my other core research project is in the book.

With March marching on and two of my targets still some way off the pace, it would seem there’s a lot of work to be done in the next fortnight to ensure I meet all of this month’s deadlines. Handily, I’ve managed to schedule a trip to London this week which will certainly mean a lot of time spent away from my desk that might make that work slightly trickier. Thankfully thoughts, notebooks and laptops are all portable, and with a couple of long train journeys ahead, it could just be the time I need to put plans in place before the final push towards April.

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