The Writing Journal #7

Whether it’s the influence of a new Time Lord or the simple product of growing old, I’m not sure, but the time between my last blog post and this has simultaneously felt like a blink and an eternity! It has felt like a chaotic whirlwind at times, and yet I can barely remember setting my … Continue reading The Writing Journal #7

The Writing Journal #6

What a difference a week makes. 168 little hours. Storms and flash flooding that battered my small corner of the globe made way for bright and glorious sunshine that shows no signs of stopping (for today at least). The same week has also seen some differences in my writing outlook as well, although not necessarily … Continue reading The Writing Journal #6

The Writing Journal #5

To say it’s been a wet and windy weekend in my neck of the woods would be somewhat of an understatement! As a Welshman, I’ve seen my fair share of drizzle over the years but Storm Callum has been on another level, quite literally if you look at the rivers around me. I can count … Continue reading The Writing Journal #5

Back to School. Back to Work. Back to Writing!

The heatwave is well and truly over. The nights are beginning to draw in. Summer is at an end. But never fear because September is here and that can be just as exciting! I’ve always found September to be a time for fresh starts. Probably because I’m still a big kid and mentally slip into … Continue reading Back to School. Back to Work. Back to Writing!

Happy National Screenwriters Day!

Happy National Screenwriters Day to all you courageous and pioneering screenwriters out there. The craft of writing a script is one that can make or break a production and is often the difference between a good film and an outstanding film. Whilst many people will talk about the great script in their head, it takes … Continue reading Happy National Screenwriters Day!

A Belated New Year’s Message…

First of all, I would like to wish all of you reading this a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year whilst I still have a chance. I know it’s unusual to wish such things on 3rd January but I decided to take a step back from work this festive period and allow myself some … Continue reading A Belated New Year’s Message…

Let the countdown begin!

As December rolls around again, ’tis the season to feel festive and count down the days until Christmas! In a trend that seems to be sweeping the nation, advent calendars can apparently give away anything this year, from sweet little pictures of baby donkeys to gin. So here at Script & Polish, we’ve decided to … Continue reading Let the countdown begin!