Back to School. Back to Work. Back to Writing!

The heatwave is well and truly over. The nights are beginning to draw in. Summer is at an end. But never fear because September is here and that can be just as exciting!

I’ve always found September to be a time for fresh starts. Probably because I’m still a big kid and mentally slip into a school-term-esque schedule even a decade after leaving the hallowed halls of high school. The summer period naturally lends itself to rest and relaxation – particularly when there’s sun, beer and a particularly exciting World Cup to accompany it (yes, I believed the hype!) – and, like all good R&R, it leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated to throw yourself back into work once it has inevitably drawn to a close. This is the canoe I certainly find myself paddling right now, and there are a number of exciting changes I am hoping to implement in both my writing and here on Script & Polish to make sure both can end the year on a high!

With that in mind, and to help reinvigorate your writing this mini New Year, I’m offering a special half-price, “back to school” discount on all script reading services throughout the month of September. Simply quote “Back2School” when requesting a script read to claim this discount any time before 1st October. If there are any rough first drafts that you’ve forgotten about that could now be worth revisiting, wing them over. Or perhaps there’s a hurdle you just can’t jump in your current screenplay that can be cleared by a new set of eyes. Now is the time to give yourself that boost, focus your writers mind and finish 2018 by bringing your screenplay commission home (since, sadly, football is not coming home. Yet…).

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