The Writing Journal #57

First things first – Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful festive break that has recharged the batteries and left you ready to take on not only a new year but a new decade to boot.

As some readers may have noticed, the Writing Journal took a spontaneous hiatus in December during the run up to Christmas. Contrary to some vicious rumours on Twitter, it wasn’t a result of too many shots of Baileys in my morning coffees, nor was it a response to not meeting November’s writing targets; it was much more exciting than that. Usual Christmas revelries aside, December turned out to be a whirlwind of new beginnings, from the literal beginning of a new life with a new baby (not my own, but the hosts of my London trip who went above and beyond the £10 Secret Santa limit by bringing forward the birth of their first son to coincide with my visit!), to the beginning of a new writing scheme with The Other Room Theatre and Bad Wolf Studios (yes, the same peeps who recently smashed His Dark Materials!) in Cardiff; both ensuring 2019 ended in a hectic blur that pushed everything else aside.

I’m thrilled to be starting 2020 with this very exciting opportunity thanks to The Other Room and Bad Wolf. Each company possesses a unique, dynamic creative edge within their respective fields, and it’s a delight to be getting myself more acquainted with the lively, rapidly-evolving TV and theatre community within Cardiff itself. It’s also brought a new wave of optimism to the New Year, after a challenging middle part of 2019 where the early promise of new projects was starting to fade from view.

With new opportunities comes new work loads, however, and this is certainly no exception. With that in mind, I’ve decided to dial back the amount of time I will be investing in the Writing Journal moving forward. For a start, many of the sessions for the programme will take place on Mondays, meaning a new release schedule would have to be drawn up anyway! But since I was already contemplating a break from the weekly blog entries before the opportunity came along, I feel like now is a natural time to try a new approach to the blog. I’ll still be checking in from time to time, as I’ll no doubt have opinions to share (did someone say Star Wars?…) and updates to post, but I’ll no longer be setting myself the same sort of weekly targets via the Writing Journal as I have been for the last sixteen months.

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, and helped to grow the Writing Journal over that time – your support is always appreciated – and here’s to discovering what the future has to hold!

To infinity, and beyond!

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