The Writing Journal #54

Only a whistle-stop visit to the Writing Journal this week after some exciting new developments on the feature side of things, thanks to the (now completed) visual mood-board. It’s very early days and certainly nothing to get carried away with right now, but enough to take priority over this week’s entry into the journal, at least.

Target Number 1: Spend a minimum of 20 hours editing the novel

4hrs 55mins on the clock so far, mostly coming from a dedicated focus towards it last Friday. So often in these past few months, I have been editing in small bursts – rarely more than an hour at a time – and whilst this has meant more progress than if I hadn’t done anything at all, it perhaps has not been the most effective way of driving the novel forwards. Other projects that have had potential for faster returns have taken priority over the longer gestation period needed for a novel, and whilst that has brought its own successes, it has hampered the story’s progress somewhat. Friday was a trial of sorts for a new approach that might hopefully redress that balance for the weeks/months ahead.

Target Number 2: Write the Poor Uncle Dave Christmas Special

I’ve started working on ideas and playing around with different scenarios, but so far no pen has been put paper on the story proper. It’s still early in the month, however, so there’s still plenty of time to get things ready (even if there are only 44 more days to Christmas…)

It’s still early in the month, so nothing too major happening with either goal as yet. But with time ticking on, and developments elsewhere as well, it could signal another busy end to the year which is very exciting/terrifying indeed…

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