The Writing Journal #48

Honey, I’m home! After a mini-break away from the Writing Journal last week, this Monday I return full of vim and vigour, ready to throw myself back into fray with gusto (and a new thesaurus, apparently…)

Last week’s London trip was a lovely refresher, and it was great to spend time catching up with the capital cohort after a long time apart (largely thanks to the relentless workload of the podcast!). It wasn’t necessarily the break from work I’d initially thought it might be, though, thanks to a rogue deadline that I thought I was more prepared for than it actually turns out I was! This didn’t have too much of an impact on my trip as a whole, and since I love the script I was working on, it was in many ways quite enjoyable. It may have had a bit more of an impact in other ways though, that could have a few more consequences this week…

Target Number 1: Spend a minimum of 20 hours editing my novel.

I love writing on the train. Whether it’s the lack of guilt that comes from using that time constructively, or the forward motion of the train subconsciously/metaphorically carrying your efforts along with it, I find the couple of hours between Newport and London Paddington can often be very productive for whatever project I happen to be working on at that time. I’d initially planned on that project being the novel; to not only get the editing hours up for this month’s target but to also break the deadlock that still seems set in Chapter 3! That was not to be, however, as the feature script took its place both on the way there and on the way back. In fact, it took priority every day last week, right up until the Friday deadline, meaning that I really didn’t get much time to look at the novel at all until the weekend. Whilst I feel totally justified in that shift of priorities – the opportunity that required the feature script as a sample of my work was too goo to pass up – it has meant that I stand on the last day of September with 8hrs 12mins on the clock for the novel, which is obviously less than ideal.

Since starting the Writing Journal, I’ve often found it tricky to know what to do when the month ends on a Monday. It seems like a bit of a cheat to claim it as another full week of the month before, but sometimes that’s the luck of the draw. On this occasion it is certainly lucky, as I need that extra time to get the novel back on track, and it will be a good opportunity to really hammer hard on the roadblock that consistently seems to be tripping me up in Chapter 3! It also gives me another week to ponder and muse on October’s targets and priorities, now that the feature is in a better place than it was before and the podcast is moving into a new phase of its lifespan.

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