The Writing Journal #44

It’s going to be a short and sweet entry into the Writing Journal this week, as there’s lots to do and very little time to do it in! There’s a final podcast to edit together, ten hours of book edits to squeeze in, and some final summer hurrahs to be had. Izzy whizzy, let’s get busy…

Target Number 1: Spend a minimum of 20 hours editing my novel.

A familiar pattern has emerged, as I stand at the start of the last week of this target with nearly half the time still to go. 10hrs 16mins is the current total, meaning that the next week is going to be intense to say the least! After Wednesday, the bookcast should ease off a bit more, so there should hopefully be the time to dedicate to the novel again, but once again its going to be a tight squeeze to fit the 9hrs 44mins in again before next Monday.

Target Number 2: Launch and grow the social media presence for Poor Uncle Dave.

We’re down to the last week of the school summer holidays, meaning that the last episode of Poor Uncle Dave is about to be released (if I can get it edited in time, of course!). Social media continues to be a slow burner as we look for traction and presence in an ocean of online activity, but encouragingly the listenership seems to be growing at a decent speed now which should hopefully help with a snowball effect on all fronts, as long as I haven’t blessed it now with the commentators curse!

The finishing line is in sight, especially with the podcast, and new chapters lie in wait beyond. One more summer sprint to go and then (hopefully) a small breather at least to close out on.

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