The Writing Journal #26

It’s going to be a quick visit to the Writing Journal this week. Partly because all of the projects are still in their early days and there’s not much to say about them right now. Partly because each of the projects needs a heck of a lot more work if they’re going to get anywhere near being done by May so I should really crack on. Mostly, though, it’s because it’s Wrestlemania Day in Stevenson Towers and I’m trying to get it watched before I stumble across any spoilers on social media!!

Target Number 1: Write a treatment for a drama feature.

I’ve really enjoyed working on this treatment this week, as it’s a story that I’ve been able to really sink my teeth into. On paper, it’s not one I can instantly relate to; it’s a setting that I’m unfamiliar with, and whilst my default in most projects is to try and find the comedy, even in dark material, that approach goes very much against the brief in this particular instance. However, the drama and the characters that have been created in the short are so strong and so visceral that there are a lot of options for teasing out scenes and moments that strongly play into the desired themes and tone. The challenge now will be choosing which scenes are most appropriate for the feature story being told, and marrying them together in a gripping, thrilling way. This is where structure is going to be so important, and the next couple of weeks will provide a really useful learning exercise to continue honing my feature screenplay structure skills that will carry over into further feature projects to come.

Target Number 2: Write a treatment for a horror feature.

Similarly, this is a new experience for me to be working in a genre I am unfamiliar with, but so far it’s been really exciting to play around with some new ideas that I haven’t explored before. The story as presented was perhaps not as polished as the drama, and so therefore is in need of more work to get it to the same place. However, I’m quietly optimistic that something interesting and different can come from this story, and I’m excited to explore it more in the weeks ahead.

Target Number 3: Research 5 Welsh production companies for potential collaborations.

As seemed to be the case when researching production companies for my sitcom, this target has gone to the back burners for this week as the treatments took priority. Hopefully unlike what happened when researching production companies for my sitcom, it won’t get pushed and pushed aside and have to carry on into a second month…

After a strange end to March, I’m delighted (and relieved) to say that I’m back into more familiar territory to start April after a very productive first week. There’s still a long way to go in April, and with a lot of work still left on each target, still plenty of time for the early progress to go spectacularly belly up. We won’t go down the pessimistic route just yet though, and instead keep the focus going. After a brief detour for biggest wrestling show of the year, of course…

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