The Writing Journal #9

It’s an exciting day at Stevenson Towers (not the actual name of my house, but it should be). From this day on, I will be able to officially call myself a published author as my first book goes on sale! Now, I have to clarify that it is not solely my work – it is a collaborative anthology of sci-fi inspired short stories alongside forty-nine other fabulous writers as part of the fantastically ambitious Create 50 initiative – but still, whoop whoop! The book is called “The Singularity 50”, with my contribution being called “Holding Out For A Human”. It’s a wonderful feeling to see your work finally go beyond your own imagination and take flight into the big wide world, and I am very eager to see how the book is received from here on out. Create 50 is a concept designed by the London Screenwriters Festival to give multiple writers an opportunity, both for books and screens, to get their work out to audiences in a unique and exciting way. I would highly recommend any writer, regardless of your experience, to look into their work – past, present and future – and consider getting involved in their future projects to come. If you’re looking for some new bedtime reading, or indeed looking for something a little different for Christmas presents this year, you can find the book by following the links below –

Paperback –

Kindle –


Target Number 1 – Add 5,000 words to my novel manuscript.

Status: ACHIEVED 😊

There was only one writing target this week but it still came down to the wire! The last couple of weeks I have deliberately set myself higher than usual targets as I was passing them with ease previously, but on both occasions, it has been hard work to meet the higher targets. This week there were a few extenuating circumstances, both professionally and personally, but it is still odd to be struggling to reach these higher targets when I was writing the same number of words when aiming for lower targets. The good thing about having set the target high though is that it has driven me to carry on writing when I otherwise may have stopped having reached a lower target. Ultimately, this is what the targets were designed to do and so to see them working in that way is very reassuring. To write beyond the target has been a bonus in previous weeks, but those bonuses won’t carry you through the difficult weeks where the words are harder to find.

In terms of what that has done to the novel itself, it has helped me to reach a place where the end is in sight. I wouldn’t necessarily say that means this week’s target will be to finish it outright as I know there are issues to address in these end chapters that will take more than a week. However, it does add excitement to things that the end is in sight, and therefore the second yearly target is in sight too. It helps maintain momentum and that is key in any form of writing.


Alongside the writing, I have been exploring different outlets for my other projects, including the feature I had been writing as part of The Writing Journal and others I have in my portfolio. I’ve been reminded how much of a slog the industry research can be at times, but it is a necessary part of the process which will ultimately determine whether writing becomes a hobby or a career. This needs just as much motivation as writing, so this week I will explore another target alongside the word target for my novel, to see if that has the same positive results on my research as it has on my writing.

This week’s targets:

  1. Add 4,000 words to my novel manuscript.
  2. Complete my current VPF research document.

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