Hello, hello and welcome to Script & Polish and to this, my first ever blog post! This will be the side of my website where I will post my musings and opinions about the worlds of film, television and screenwriting. I know I’m a tad late to the blogging party, and I also know that there are marvellous film, television and screenwriting blogs out there that already do a sterling job of analysing and advising on these great fields. The reason I have decided to now dip my toe into the sea of blogging is a simple one – voice. Writing, in all media, is about finding your voice and how can you find your voice if you don’t know what it sounds like? I am hoping that through posting on here I will open another avenue for exploring my voice; one that will transfer across into my other projects beyond this site.

The other side to me setting up this site is to hone and refine my script reading. Story-telling has always been a big part of my life. From the moment I could hold a pencil I have been writing stories of varying quality, and I cannot imagine my life without that creative outlet. As much as I want my own stories to be told, I also want to help other people with theirs and over the years since I graduated from film school, I have found almost as much pleasure in working with other people on telling their stories as I have from creating my own. It is my aim, through the Script & Polish website, to enhance my script reading credentials to help me build a career in development that will not only allow me to support other writers but will also compliment and support my own work down the line.

This is very much a voyage into the unknown and something that could yield fabulous results or could fall spectacularly on its arse. Is that not what life is about anyway? If you like what you see, subscribe, retweet and share the page on Facebook. For any further enquiries, either about my work or my script reading services, please see the “Contact” section of the site. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain “fiery finale” to watch…

Dave x

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