The Writing Journal #6

What a difference a week makes. 168 little hours. Storms and flash flooding that battered my small corner of the globe made way for bright and glorious sunshine that shows no signs of stopping (for today at least). The same week has also seen some differences in my writing outlook as well, although not necessarily … Continue reading The Writing Journal #6

The Writing Journal #5

To say it’s been a wet and windy weekend in my neck of the woods would be somewhat of an understatement! As a Welshman, I’ve seen my fair share of drizzle over the years but Storm Callum has been on another level, quite literally if you look at the rivers around me. I can count … Continue reading The Writing Journal #5

The Writing Journal #3

Pinch, punch, first of the month! Somehow, we’ve managed to crash into October 2018 already. Before we know it, “The Big C” will be upon us with all its tinselly delights (85 days, if you’re already counting…). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too quickly. Let’s take in the week that was and see … Continue reading The Writing Journal #3

Writer’s Journal #1

It’s ten years since I started my first year of university. It’s a terrifying thought that makes me weep gently inside as to where that time has gone. Of the many thoughts and memories that this fact has generated over the past few days, there is one that stuck with me and seems particularly pertinent … Continue reading Writer’s Journal #1